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Confident & Capable

Sep 20, 2021

Take this as a sign to book the trip you’ve been wanting to go on, and write down everything you’ve been crushing it at lately in your journal! We’re talking about all things social media, breaking the habit of comparing yourself to others online, and daily actions you can take to practice self love. We’re chatting with wife, mom, and co-founder of The Good in Media, Brianne Hoefelmann. Learning the story and mission behind The Good in Media is about real struggles with mental health, learning to show up for yourself, and be the light that shares GOOD Media out into the world. Tune in to hear about Brianne’s journey of self love, and why EVERYONE should take themselves on a solo trip!


02:15 The story behind The Good in Media.

05:20 Have you struggled with depression, or struggles with social media?

07:50 Life beyond the highlight reel of social media.

10:00 At what point did you decide you wouldn’t seek approval from others anymore?

13:30 How do I want to FEEL?

16:00 The danger of comparison.

19:50 What do you do in your daily life to practice self love?

23:00 What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

26:40 What is your dream travel destination?

30:00 Everyone NEEDS to go on a solo trip.

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