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Confident & Capable

Nov 22, 2021

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Everything you need to know about pre and post-workout nutrition!
  • How to optimize your energy & fuel for workouts.
  • How to properly utilize supplements (pre and intra-workouts) for the best results.


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Show Notes:

Are you giving your body the nutrients it needs for maximum performance? Guest Courtney Berg, our guide to all things pre and post-workout nutrition, is here to help you find out! If you’ve ever wondered what you should be eating for an amazing workout, then look no further! We’ll discuss how to optimize your energy, fuel your body, and take your nutrition to the next level. What should you be eating pre-workouts? How should you be timing your meals? Are supplements worth it? We’ve got the answers you need so you can feed your body for success!


02:20 Guest starring Saskatoon-based dietician expert and owner of Vitality Nutrition, Courtney Berg!

05:15 Why did you name it Vitality Nutrition?

07:20 What should you eat pre and post-workout?

11:05 How to time your meals around your workouts.

15:25 Is it detrimental to not eat before workouts?

17:20 Can a pre-workout supplement be used as a substitute for meals?

19:35 Do pre-workout supplements work as a boost?

21:50 What do you think about intra-workout supplements?

23:20 What are some supplements you would recommend to healthy people?

26:00 What are other supplements and vitamins that are out there?

29:15 If you were in an elevator with someone and could make an impact on their life, what would you say to them?