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Confident & Capable

Aug 30, 2021

What’s in a name? More like, what’s in a number? Today we’re weighing the pros and cons of relying on the scale as a diet tool, and why it can be more damaging than good. We’ll dive into better ways to track your progress, what causes the scale to fluctuate in a day, and most importantly of all: how you can avoid getting caught up in the numbers so you can make the progress you want to see!


01:25 The scale.

02:30 Is it normal for the scale to fluctuate?

04:05 How can we track our progress?

04:45 How can we accurately weigh ourselves?

06:00 What can cause the scale to go up?

07:35 How can we avoid getting consumed by the scale?

09:30 Keeping ourselves consistent.

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