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Confident & Capable

Oct 25, 2021

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The basic supplements I recommend for overall health!
  • What to look for to get quality supplements.
  • What supplements might help you with your own unique health goals/lifestyle!


Resources + Links:

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Progressive Greens - Pineapple Coconut Flavor


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Show Notes:

Walking into a supplement or health store can be overwhelming. I know this from personal experience, not wanting to be sold an entire store or take something that isn’t going to help me reach my health and fitness goals. In this episode, I’m breaking down the main supplements I recommend and WHY so you have the confidence to get the supplements you need for your overall health.


02:30 My fears going into a supplement store when I was prepping for my bikini competition.

06:15 What supplements do I use?

08:40 What to look for when choosing a protein powder!

10:00 The benefits of using Branch Chain Amino Acids (aka BCAA’s).

11:50 What about a multivitamin?

12:30 How taking a probiotic helps your digestion and overall gut health.

15:00 My go-to Green’s Mix!