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Confident & Capable

Aug 2, 2021

You’re listening to this podcast, which tells us one thing….you have GOALS! Whether the goals you’re working towards are health, career, or personal, there is so much power in giving yourself accountability. Self-confidence is something that grows as you keep your promises to yourself! Having accountability behind keeping those promises can change your life! In this episode, Britt shares ways you can create accountability for yourself and celebrate wins along the way! From setting smart goals to the daily actions that will help you achieve them, this episode is full of ways to help you achieve your goals. Big and “small”.


03:00 What are we missing that will help us keep promises to ourselves?

05:00 How to set SMART goals!

06:30 Does your schedule reflect the goals you are working towards?

08:50 What are ways I can create accountability for myself?

11:40 Are you treating yourself like you treat your best friend?

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