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Confident & Capable

Oct 18, 2021

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to manage seasons of hustle AND seasons of rest
  • How you can get better sleep
  • Habits to increase your melatonin
  • Ways to decrease stress


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Show Notes:

Hi, your human, which means you NEED rest! In a culture that glorifies being busy and disguises exhaustion and “hustle” with being productive, I’m here to tell you that taking time to rest is just as important as taking time to accomplish your goals. Rest is such a vital part of your health, which then affects everything else you set out to do! It’s time to be intentional about seasons of hustle, seasons of rest, and cultivate habits that decrease stress!


02:40 Do you feel like you need to constantly be accomplishing something?

04:00 Let’s make time for seasons of rest.

05:50 What could it look like to be intentional about seasons of hustle, and seasons of rest?

07:15 Ways to increase your melatonin naturally!

09:20 How can I decrease and manage stress?